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person wearing ECG monitor

Wearable Wireless Continuous ECG



Red dot design award winner logo

A combination of beautiful aesthetic design, cutting edge technology and solid mechanical engineering was brought together to deliver the world’s first patch free and wireless ECG device: QardioCore.


Our strong relationship with Qardio was paramount in the early inception of this patch free and wireless device. The teams worked together closely to identify the challenges, align on the user and technical requirements, and detail the steps to enable the product delivery on time and budget.

With the revolutionary industrial design as a starting point, Shore engineered QardioCore into a ground-breaking product in the biometrics market.

The collaborative approach between the existing industrial design and Shore’s engineering expertise encouraged a fast paced, open-minded, and flexible way of working.

We developed a product architecture that contains the sensors and electronics in a comfortable and stylish form factor. And because the design is reliable and robust – and splash and rain resistant too – the product is ideal for everyday use.

Value Delivered

  • Complete Design and Engineering
  • Optimisation of electronics and mechanics
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable to wear via dynamic fit
  • Fully waterproof

Project Scope

Industrial Design, Engineering, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Prototype & Evaluation, New Product Integration

Project Scope

Industrial Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Prototype & Evaluation
New Product Integration

It’s an intuitive and comfortable wearable device that has gained a significant share of the connected personal health care market.

ECG wearable on tabletop

Flexible design to fit the body

The device had to be flexible to be comfortable to wear in everyday use, conforming to a variety of body shapes; it had to be waterproof, so that it could be worn in the shower or washed; it had to be discreet, so that it would remain unnoticed under clothing; and the strap had to be completely removable, demanding a subtle yet usable mechanical catch system at each end.

Typical ECG devices are familiar in their reliance on sticky patches, numerous wires and expert operators, so for this product to be taken seriously it was critical that it worked well, simply and reliably.

components of ECG wearable
sketches of ECG monitor
Our engineering team delivered all the details necessary to make sure the product was robust and met the necessary requirements for FDA approval.
top cover of ECG monitor exploded to show internal components
strap for ECG monitor

Simple to self-fit and requires no special skin preparation

Integration of electronics and mechanical componentry

All the key sensors, electronics and battery had to be housed in a stylish, ergonomic form. The casework needed to be flexible enough to comfortably profile to the contours of the user’s chest, materials needed to be chosen in consideration of extended skin contact and it needed an easy-to-use but discreet removable strap mechanism. The whole device also needed to be waterproof.

A micro-USB port for charging was also necessary, hidden away and sealed under one of the strap anchors. Carefully considered detailing and material selection paved the way for ultrasonic welding and over-moulding to meet the challenges of ingress protection and flexibility, with internal circuitry split up into rigid sections linked by Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) bridges within each arm of the device.

person wearing ECG monitor

Connected Healthcare

QardioCore delivers clinically accurate heart activity monitoring anytime, anywhere while easily fitting a daily lifestyle. We optimised the electronics within the device to enable this connectivity.

Data can be shared with friends, family or health care professionals depending on the context of use.

iPhone screen with ECG readout
QardioCore won two CES Innovation Awards and a Red Dot Award for Product Design.

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