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Spravato nasal drug delivery device with packaging

Nasal Drug Delivery Trainer

Spravato Nasal Spray



Janssen asked us to develop a robust and repeatable Trainer to support the commercial launch of a single use nasal spray product to treat severe depression. We identified the key aspects of the delivery experience and built them into a reusable training device; giving patients the opportunity to become familiar and confident with the administration process before using the real device for the first time.

Having already supported the engineering development of the drug delivery device, we had an intimate knowledge of the device requirements and the needs of the intended user group. This helped us transfer the essence of the real device use into a teachable training experience that allowed the patient to become comfortable and ready to self-administer the real therapy.

As a trusted partner we also understood the requirements of Janssens supply chain and regulatory processes, allowing us to manage the entire process which simplified the supply of the devices to multiple locations.

Value Delivered

  • Full service from Design to volume supply of packaged devices
  • Device characterisation and force profile reproduction
  • Valuable intellectual property generated for Janssen
  • Provides an enhanced training experience
  • Concept to Launch inside 12 months
  • Multiple SKU management
  • +250,000 units sold

Project Scope

Device Characterisation, Usability Engineering, Human Factors Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Prototype & Evaluation, Packaging & Instructions, New Product Integration, Volume Supply

Project Scope

Device Characterisation
Usability Engineering
Human Factors Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Prototype & Evaluation
Packaging & Instructions
New Product Integration
Volume Supply

Our technology for nasal delivery devices allows us to exactly replicate the key characteristics of the real device while guaranteeing flexibility to easily update the design should the requirements change in the future.

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