PP3M Drug Particle Re-suspension

Multisensory Drug Preparation Trainer


“Shake vigorously”? But how vigorous is vigorous enough?

When a new drug includes an instruction in the IFU to shake vigorously, this novel Training Device gives the user confidence they are doing things correctly.

Janssen had developed a new long-acting drug formulation which included suspended particles that settle in storage. To re-suspend the particles users were instructed to vigorously shake the pre-filled syringe prior to injection.

This precision, electromechanical trainer complements the IFU. It communicates the important ‘shake step’ in the pre-injection preparation cycle by letting the user know their shake is correct by using multisensory feedback features to make the learning experience fun, engaging and memorable.

Value Delivered

  • Testing & analysis of shake preparation steps
  • Testing & analysis of particle resuspension
  • Human Factors Studies were used to identify the cognitive, physical and sensory steps in the user process
  • Development of a bespoke algorithm
  • Concept to launch inside 12 months
  • Launched globally in 35 countries
  • Zero product issues

Project Scope

Research & Feasibility
Device Characterisation
Usability Engineering
Human Factors Study
Product Architecture
Prototype & Evaluation
Packaging & Instructionals
New Product Integration
Volume Supply

Big milestone guys! I know it was a huge effort on your end to make this happen. Fantastic job.

Director of R&D, Janssen.