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person wearing an insulin patch pump system

Insulin Patch Pump System


niia essential


One of the key challenges a start-up faces is the right combination of expertise and resources to bring a product to market. With a core team of less than 20 people, PharmaSens was looking for a design partner to bridge the gap between functionality and usability for its novel Insulin Patch Pump System, niia essential.


Like many new customer relationships, we were initially brought in to work on a specific area, in this case providing mechanical engineering design support for the Insulin Filling Aid portion of the product.


The innovative 3mL reservoir of the pump offers a prolonged duration of use and will be among the most compact Patch Pumps available on the market. A unique needle insertion mechanism ensures that the 90° steel needle is protected prior to use and provides automatic insertion.


Our focus was to improve ease of use and increase user confidence by eliminating the demanding manual dexterity and providing increased visibility, control, and feedback.


The accelerated project timeline required close collaboration between Shore, PharmaSens and multiple development partners, requiring a flexible and fast approach to the development process.


This early success led to us widening our support across the development of the whole niia essential ecosystem, including mechanical engineering for the Pump and Infusion modules, industrial design to manage the appearance of all physical components, graphic design for all printed aspects (such as Instructions for Use (IFU) primary and secondary packaging) plus UI/UX design and implementation for the insulin pump’s Configuration App.


When designing handheld large volume injection devices, it is vitally important to optimise size and form to ensure optimal usability for successful drug delivery.

Value Delivered

  • Fast and flexible support encompassing multiple disciplines and product areas
  • Easy to use, inclusive device design successfully tested by current insulin pump users
  • Development of clear and concise IFU, User Guide, training material and additional labelling items
  • Supported Human Factor studies through the delivery of looks-like-feels-like prototypes and other user study collateral
  • Development of niia insulin patch pump’s brand and visual identity

Project Scope

Industrial Design, Prototyping, User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Graphic Design, Instructions for Use (IFU), Packaging Design, Human Factors, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Testing, Design for Manufacture, Design Transfer, Production Support

Project Scope

Industrial Design
User Interface (UI) Design
User Experience (UX) Design
Graphic Design
Instructions for Use (IFU)
Packaging Design
Human Factors
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Testing
Design for Manufacture
Design Transfer
Production Support

“We are beyond delighted with the Filling Aid for the niia essential insulin patch pump. The design was complex, but the Shore team expertly rose to the challenge and excelled in enhancing the product’s usability. Not only this, but the team successfully supported other components of the system which have led to a unique user experience.


At PharmaSens, we prioritise strong partnerships and effective collaboration, and we thoroughly enjoy working with the smart and talented people at Shore”

Nicole Bernini, Head of Marketing, PharmaSens
filling aid for insulin patch pump system
“It’s been a privilege to be able to deploy an entire spectrum of expertise at Shore within a single project. The result is a well-considered, and coherent design through all aspects of the system”
Scott Martin, Lead Designer, Shore
user guide and packaging for insulin patch pump system
“We’re thrilled to have collaborated with PharmaSens on niia insulin patch pump – even with a small team, they are achieving impressive progress in diabetes management. Being a business of less than 40 employees ourselves, we understand the significance of having a dynamic and open relationship with our customers”
Nick Foley, Founder and Managing Director, Shore

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