OneTouch Select Simple

Easy To Use Glucose Meter


We were approached by our long-standing customer Lifescan to support an exciting new project to develop a glucose meter aimed specifically at the BRIC Tier 2 market segment – a very specific challenge in terms of both the user groups and the associated cultural restrictions.

This product is designed to make self-monitoring simple and understandable to millions of diabetics living in developing countries. With no buttons or complex set up requirements, the monitor is easy to use for people of all ages.

The device was successfully launched in late 2011 and has since become the form factor authority for many follow-on products.

Value Delivered

  • Simple and engaging solution
  • Low-cost manufacture
  • 20M+ units sold worldwide
  • Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award in 2013.

Project Scope

Research & Feasibility
Usability Design
Human Factors Studies
Industrial Design
Product Architecture
Prototype & Evaluation
Design Transfer

The key thing for me that separates Shore from their competition is the quality of their work and the maturity of design. I do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone else within our organisation or out with.

 R&D Project Leader, Lifescan