YpsoMate® On

Autoinjector with Integrated Connectivity


The Drug Delivery Systems team at Ypsomed asked us to expand their device portfolio by creating a refreshed design for their YpsoMate® autoinjector. The core design challenge was to improve overall usability, making the entire injection process simpler and easier for a diverse range of user groups, while simultaneously appealing to new pharmaceutical customers who might want to differentiate their product over the competition.

Working within specific design constraints around compatibility to existing manufacturing and assembly processes, our user-centred approach identified a range of design solutions that were strategically down selected through testing. The final solution offers improved ergonomics and incorporates electronics for more enhanced usability and therapy management, whilst leveraging the underlying core technology from YpsoMate®.

YpsoMate® On is the world’s first autoinjector with integrated connectivity, combining the advantages of the proven YpsoMate autoinjector with the added benefits of optional digital therapy support.

Value Delivered

  • Industrial Design refresh with consideration to Ypsomed brand
  • Fully compatible with established manufacture and assembly lines
  • Intuitive design that appeals to many different user groups
  • Improved user journey and visual injection feedback
  • Flexible design that can work with or without electronics
  • Allows customer specific differentiation without changing shape structure
  • Automatic upload of injection data to a therapy management app
  • Sustainable materials and optimised supply chain minimize the environmental footprint

Project Scope

Industrial Design
Product Architecture
User Interface
User Experience

YpsoMate® On includes an advanced Bluetooth® proximity measurement protocol which automatically connects the injection device and the smartphone, simplifying the user journey. 


YpsoMate® On senses the start and end of the injection and tracks injection time, date, and duration.

Collaborative Development 

The key to our long-term success with Ypsomed’s team in Switzerland is a shared passion for design and a commitment to delivering exceptional patient experiences. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen and understand their needs, whilst also being able to think creatively to find new directions.

Shore’s design expertise, creativity and user-centricity are very valuable for the design of innovative injection devices.

Philippe Müller, Innovation & Business Development Manager