Through ISO 13485 processes we deliver our clients complete training solutions and devices.

Device Characterisation

We believe the key to producing the perfect training solution is to work closely with customers and device manufacturers to qualify the functional and performance needs of the product.

Through detailed laboratory analysis & testing we ensure every trainer is perfectly matched to the parent device.

User-Centred Training Device Development

We are experts in usability and human factors engineering, utilising tools such as task analysis and ergonomic evaluation to identify critical training needs and ensure our products are effective and easy to use.

Cross Functional Design & Engineering

We apply our experience in drug delivery device design to build training products which are acknowledged to be the best in their class.

The result is robust and reliable solutions which deliver a real training experience and protect the reputation of our clients.

Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an integral part of the product experience, protecting the device and presenting it to the user correctly. The design also adds value, helping to reinforce brand trust with patients and HCPs.

We can design customised single use or reusable packaging solutions to support specific project requirements.

Instructions for Use

We produce user-friendly IFU, videos and animations in multiple languages to ensure our training devices are used effectively at all times.

Mixed Learning Assets

Different people learn through different learning styles. A mix of learning assets can compliment a trainer device to ensure all users are supported, while consistent use of clear, simple communications helps to put patients at ease as they embark on their journey.

We work with clients to understand the relationship between patients and their medication and then produce support materials which are specific to the issues raised.

“Shore has long established partnerships with suppliers of the highest quality. Through careful selection, audit and scrutiny we ensure they reflect our own values and those of our customers.”

Scott Graham – Quality & Supply Chain Manager

Quality Control

We apply robust and consistent development processes to produce training solutions that deliver optimal performance. Every product undergoes 100% functional testing before it is approved for dispatch.

Production Flexibility

Flexibility and scale are key assets. We can supply customers with minimum orders ranging from twenty thousand units, through to volumes that exceed millions per year.


Our logistics service can bulk ship a consignment to a client’s central warehouse or manage the delivery of SKU variants to specific locations around the world.

Accredited Quality

We have been ISO 13485 qualified for over ten years and have an audited supply chain in place to deliver complex and short-turnaround projects.

Tried & Tested Training Device Solutions

Our processes and quality systems have been audited and approved by market-leading, global multi-national medical and pharmaceutical corporations.

“I really enjoyed working with the team at Shore. You guys are very good at what you do, and also easy going and flexible – a rare combination. Shore is really a great partner to work with.”

Director of R&D – Janssen Pharmaceutical

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