Our training products make it easier for patients and Health Care Professionals to adopt new therapies and drug delivery devices.

Training Products

Improve Adherence

Our training products play an important role in improving user confidence. They also help to maintain drug regimen and foster a better understanding of the treatment.

Reduce Adverse Effects

We know that patients respond more positively to treatment when they are less anxious and feel confident using a product they trust and understand.

Increase Brand Value

Training helps to reinforce a positive brand perception among HCPs and patients that the company is client focused and values their trust and loyalty.

How we help

Understanding User Behaviour

It’s only by observing how HCPs and patients use medical products that we’re able to develop training devices that are truly effective.

Balancing Training Needs

We develop training products that are technically advanced, represent excellent value for money and can demonstrate a return on investment.

Treatment Specific Devices

As home treatable illnesses, device types and treatment routes diversify, we produce training products to reflect these important changes in the market.

“More patients than ever before are self-treating thanks to new therapies and products on the market. The right training devices help them become more confident and comfortable using these important new treatments.”

Ian Scrimgeour – Human Factors Design Engineer

Training Products: