Our products are designed to withstand high volume use cycles without any performance degradation. This means they can support the training requirements of many different therapies and user groups.

YpsoMate Autoinjectors

This advanced training solution was developed for the industry-leading YpsoMate 1.0mL and 2.25mL autoinjectors.

Our patented technology, designed for all YpsoMate housing variations, drives a flexible system that simulates customer-specific device designs, fill volumes and injection speeds. Used by HCPs, sales teams and caregivers, this solution is acknowledged to be one of the most an effective demonstration and training tools on the market today.

Single Dose Nasal Spray

We applied our extensive knowledge of drug delivery device design to develop a single-dose nasal spray training product which incorporates a novel and innovative one-step reset mechanism.

This robust, reusable system mimics the look and feel of the parent device and allows users to replicate the performance of different drug formulations by implementing specific activation and delivery force profiles.

Passive Needle Safety PFS

This passive safety trainer mirrors the feel and appearance of the parent device and is designed to reduce patient anxiety and improve levels of compliance.

It allows HCPs and patients to experience key functions including injection angle, glide force and needle shield actuation before the administration of the actual medication. The device incorporates a simple reset mechanism which means it can be used repeatedly without a secondary tool.

1.0mL & 2.25mL Autoinjectors

This market-leading solution for 1.0mL and 2.25mL autoinjectors incorporates our patented technology to offer pharmaceutical customers complete flexibility and customisation.

The device mimics specific injection speeds, fill volumes and actuation and delivery force profiles to provide a seamless training experience. It is also easy to use and reset.

Single Dose Nasal Powder

We are proud to put our name to the most advanced single dose delivery trainer on the market today.

Our patented system is designed to simulate the appearance, feel and delivery force of the parent device and includes a simple one-step reset mechanism for uninterrupted repeat use. It allows users to implement specific activation and delivery force profiles – an essential requirement of pharmaceutical customers.

Passive Needle Safety PFS

We applied our extensive industry knowledge to develop an intuitive training solution that replicates accurately all delivery aspects of the parent device.

This includes a simple reset mechanism that allows the product to be used repeatedly without delay or interruption. With core functions including injection angle, glide force and needle shield actuation, patients can enjoy a consistent, rewarding and stress-free training experience before their medication is administered.

Patient Controlled Injector

It takes years of experience to develop a solution that’s both robust and intuitive. Our solution ticks both boxes, delivering a consistent and rewarding training experience every time it’s used.

This reusable system replicates the appearance, feel and delivery force experienced when administering a real drug product. It allows pharmaceutical customers to utilise force profiles for activation and delivery to review the performance and effectiveness of different drug formulations.

Double Dose Nasal Spray

We’re proud to say that this double-dose training solution is the most advanced and reliable on the market.

It’s only by understanding the intricacies of the parent device, this reusable system can deliver an authentic and effective training experience. And in common with many of our other products, this trainer includes a novel one-step reset mechanism for repeat practice and it enables users to implement specific activation and delivery force profiles to test different drug formulations.

Variable Single Dose Injector

Our ground-breaking technology, developed for variable dose delivery, mimics the parent device in feel, form and function. This allows HCPs, caregivers and other users to learn the handling steps and delivery techniques before using the real device.

Our intuitive device guides users through priming, dialling the correct dose and injecting the set dose volume, and allows customer-specific forces to be implemented to meet the training requirements of the drug program.

Electronic Trainers

Our electronic trainer solutions utilise multisensory feedback features, such as LED and haptic technology, to help HCPs and their patients execute novel drug preparation and delivery procedures correctly and confidently.

These high-quality devices improve the user experience and levels of compliance and provide healthcare professionals with the reassurance that the drug is being administered effectively.

All of our trainer solutions can be tailored to match your specific device and drug program requirements. Get in touch to find out how we can support your project.