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20 years of designing world-class medical devices

As we proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary, we invite you to explore the two decades of designing world-class medical devices.

What you see on display at Pharmapack is just a glimpse into our extensive portfolio, featuring a selection from over 500 innovative projects.

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Project title: Point of Care Diagnostic Platform

Client: LumiraDx

Product name: Point of Care Diagnostic Instrument


Summary: Our brief was to help transform blood diagnostic technology into a mass-manufacturable and certified medical device.

We were responsible for delivering the mechanical design and overall product architecture. One of our early tasks was to design the test strip; a vital component of the device as it allows accurate and reliable detection of the target biomarker in blood samples.

The instrument involved the integration of highly complex and sensitive technologies, including microfluidics, optical spectrometry, magnetic and thermal cycling. This introduced a multitude of technical challenges, the solving of which relied heavily on our design expertise, in-house prototyping, and testing capabilities.

Project scope: Mechanical Engineering, Product Architecture, Prototyping, Engineering Testing

Project title: Insulin Patch Pump System

Client: PharmaSens

Product name: niia essential


Summary: PharmaSens, a start-up with a small core team, sought a design partner to enhance the usability of its innovative Insulin Patch Pump System, niia essential.

Initially engaged for mechanical engineering support on the Insulin Filling Aid component, the project aimed to improve user confidence by simplifying manual processes and enhancing visibility and control. The collaboration between Shore, PharmaSens, and other development partners was marked by flexibility and speed to meet the accelerated timeline.

This success expanded Shore’s involvement to cover the entire niia essential ecosystem, encompassing mechanical engineering, industrial design, graphic design, and UI/UX design for various components.

Project scope: Industrial Design, Prototyping, User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience, (UX) Design, Graphic Design, Instructions for Use (IFU), Packaging Design, Human Factors, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Testing, Design for Manufacture, Design Transfer, Production Support

Project title: Blood glucose meter

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Verio Pro+


Project scope: Insight & Strategy, Industrial Design, UI/UX, Human Factors, Prototyping & Evaluation, Mechanical Engineering, New Product Integration


Throughout a long-standing partnership, LifeScan has entrusted Shore with supporting the development of its portfolio of diabetes related products and services and its OneTouch® brand. The long-standing and well-recognised fingerstick glucose meter brand is used by millions of consumers daily.

The aim of this project was to develop a meter for long-term professional hospital use in Japan and other countries. It was required to perform a high number of tests per day and be easy to keep clean.

Across various projects, our team has worked on every phase of development, from early concept & feasibility studies to industrial design, user experience (UX) design, engineering development, through to new product integration.

Project title: Blood glucose meter with smart mentor

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Verio Reflect®


Summary: With a close partnership spanning over 10 years, LifeScan entrusted us to create their next-generation blood glucose meter. The challenge was to generate the feeling of encouragement and guidance whilst providing users with actionable insights relating to their blood glucose levels. The product needed to embody their refreshed OneTouch brand guidelines by creating an innovative user experience.

The OneTouch Verio Reflect® has quickly become Lifescan’s flagship product. Receiving a worldwide release after being translated into more than 20 languages, it has gone on to receive positive feedback from the European Association for The Study of Diabetes.

Project scope: Insight & Strategy, Industrial Design, UI/UX, Human Factors, Prototyping & Evaluation, Mechanical Engineering, New Product Integration

Project title: Autoinjector with Integrated Connectivity

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: YpsoMate On


Summary: The Ypsomed Drug Delivery Systems team tasked us with creating a refreshed design for the YpsoMate® autoinjector portfolio by creating a more user-friendly design, catering to diverse user groups and attracting pharmaceutical clients seeking product differentiation.

Working within specific design constraints around compatibility to existing manufacturing and assembly processes, our user-centred approach identified a range of design solutions that were strategically down selected through testing. The final solution offers improved ergonomics and incorporates electronics for more enhanced usability and therapy management, whilst leveraging the underlying core technology from YpsoMate®.

YpsoMate® On is the world’s first autoinjector with integrated connectivity.

Project scope: Industrial Design, Product Architecture, User Interface, User Experience, Prototyping

Project title: Large Volume Autoinjector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: YpsoMate 5.5


Summary: We partner with Ypsomed to bridge the gap between our industrial design expertise and their engineering development team to deliver the award-winning YpsoMate device portfolio. Acting as a flexible extension to its engineering team, we create concepts to deliver simple-to-use and ergonomic designs, that transfer into engineering design and volume manufacture without compromise.

Shore is proud to have worked on the industrial design for the YpsoMate 5.5, Ypsomed’s new autoinjector which can handle large volume, high viscosity liquid medications up to 5.5 mL. We optimised its size and form to ensure usability for successful drug delivery.

Project scope: Industrial Design, User Interface Design, User Experience, Human Factors

Project title: Re-usable Smart Insulin Pen

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: SmartPilot for UnoPen


Summary: In this flexible addition to the SmartPilot family, we transformed the successful dial-and-dose UnoPen into an intuitive, fully connected system. Critical design challenges were to integrate the core technology whilst improving the overall injection experience.

A 2021 Red Dot winner for high design quality, SmartPilot delivers enhanced safety and adherence, enabling positive user feedback and advanced therapy guidance.

Project scope: Insight & Strategy, Prototyping, User Interface, Product Architecture

Project title: Connected Add-on for Autoinjector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: SmartPilot for YpsoMate


Summary: SmartPilot™ for YpsoMate® enables advanced adherence monitoring by transforming the proven YpsoMate® autoinjector into a fully connected smart product system. It supports the seamless provision of therapy-relevant data to patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders.

From the outset we worked closely with Ypsomed’s engineering team to understand the technical requirements and constraints. This collaboration proved instrumental in the development of the final design which packages the core technology in an efficient form factor and optimises the user interface, transforming a standard auto-injector platform device into a connected system.

Project scope: Industrial Design, Prototyping, User Interface, Product Architecture

Project title: Patient-Controlled Drug Delivery

Client: Janssen

Product name: One-Press


Summary: We’ve had a successful 15-year partnership with Janssen and were excited to develop their new patient-controlled platform device. The project had complex challenges, including addressing patient anxiety and needle phobia while ensuring a unique design.

Our solution is an intuitive, non-intimidating subcutaneous injector for self and caregiver administration of biologic drugs. It’s suitable for various drug viscosities and empowers patients, especially those with limited manual dexterity or impaired eyesight due to conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, to confidently self-administer medication.

We handled all aspects of the project, from initial research to design transfer for full production.

Project scope: Insight & Strategy, Industrial Design, Packaging & Communication, Human Factors, Prototyping & Evaluation, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Support, Design Transfer

Project title: Multi-Dose Nasal Delivery

Client: Janssen

Product name: Spravato Nasal Spray


Summary: Janssen selected an Aptar technology as the preferred drug delivery device for their Esketamine product, used to treat severe depression. The project team identified a need to customise the baseline device and saw Shore as the perfect partner to lead this aspect of the program. 

Showcasing the strengths of our combined design and engineering team, this project saw us successfully develop a version of the platform drug delivery device to meet the user group’s needs and our customer’s commercial launch objectives. Included in our scope was the development of commercial Instructions for Use (IFU) and secondary packaging to complement the improved device design.

Our innovative solution enhances the device’s usability while ensuring no impact on the core functional elements of the platform technology.

Project scope: Platform customisation, Product Architecture, Usability Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Prototype & Evaluation, New Product Integration, Design Transfer

Project title: Drug Preparation Trainer

Client: Janssen

Product name: Resuspension Trainer (Gen2)


Summary: Shore developed a connected training app and device for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to achieve the optimal syringe shake. This is crucial because pharmaceuticals in suspension can separate during storage or transit, and shaking the syringe ensures even distribution.

In 2014, we collaborated with Janssen to launch a 3-monthly injection device, providing a precision trainer with multisensory feedback for HCPs to learn the correct shaking method.

In 2020, Janssen launched a 6-monthly injection with a larger dose and aimed to enhance HCP training further. They wanted to connect the trainer device to an app to offer consistent feedback and coaching, making the training educational and memorable. The goal was for users to understand the correct shaking level and experience a sense of achievement when successful.

Project scope: Research & Feasibility, Combination Product Characterisation, Usability Engineering and Human Factors, Product Architecture, Industrial Design, User Experience and User Interaction Design, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Software and firmware engineering, Algorithm Development, App Design, development and launch, Design For Manufacture, Prototype & Evaluation, Packaging & Instructions, Production Tooling, Supply Chain Management, Design Validation & Verification, Volume Supply

Project title: Multisensory Drug Preparation Trainer

Client: Janssen

Product name: Resuspension Trainer


Summary: This novel training device helps health care professionals learn the correct method for shaking a new pre-filled syringe correctly when the IFU instructs them to do so. Janssen’s long-acting drug formulation contains particles that settle during storage, requiring users to vigorously shake the pre-filled syringe before injection.

This precision trainer enhances the IFU by providing multisensory feedback to confirm proper shaking, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Project scope: Research & Feasibility, Syringe Characterisation, Usability Engineering, Human Factors, Product Architecture, Engineering, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Prototype & Evaluation, Packaging & Instructions, New Product Integration, Volume Supply

Project title: Large Volume Patch Injector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: YpsoDose


Summary: The YpsoDose single-use injector is an electromechanical pre-filled and pre-assembled patch device for 10ml glass cartridges. Needle insertion, injection, end of injection feedback and needle safety steps are all performed automatically. The needle always remains hidden and is made safe after injection and device removal.

Taking this existing product technology as a starting point, we carried out a redesign of product architecture and external elements to optimise size, usability, and aesthetics. In parallel to this we were also able to identify solutions that enabled increased branding and label space, without any compromise to the product.

The result is a state-of-the-art wearable injector which has been commended for its intuitive design and function.

Project scope: Industrial Design, Prototyping, User Interface, User Experience, Human Factors

Project title: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Client: Smith+Nephew

Product name: RENASYS EDGE


Summary: The collaboration between Smith+Nephew and Shore, is based on a shared passion and understanding for user-centred design. Working closely with the Smith+Nephew team, we navigated diverse requirements ranging from cost considerations to servicing needs, as well as catering to the needs of users, HCPs and patients.

Drawing upon expertise in systems engineering, device architecture, mechanical engineering, industrial design, user interface (UI) design, and usability, we seamlessly integrated these disciplines to create a range of concepts. Through a meticulous selection and testing process, the team narrowed down the options to the product we see launched.

Project scope: User Interface (UI) Design, Systems Engineering, Device Architecture, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Human Factors Studies, Usability

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