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UX Design Award Nomination

Published: July 2021

Shore is delighted to announce that the OneTouch Verio Reflect® Blood Glucose Meter has been nominated for a 2021 UX Design Award from the International Design Centre Berlin. 

The OneTouch Verio Reflect® is a next generation meter that focusses on providing positive guidance and diabetes management. It identifies patterns and uses messaging to encourage reflection or forward planning when needed, or simply positive reinforcement when blood glucose levels are well managed. 

We believe that innovation is always possible, even in established sectors. Listening to users and understanding their context exposes opportunities for design interventions that can truly improve people’s lives. Our UX expertise proved critical on the OneTouch Verio Reflect®, which embodies a new era of diabetes monitoring and management. 

The UX Design Awards 2021 is now open to public voting, so please click on the link below and listen to the story. If you think the project is worthy of a vote, then we would be very appreciative of your support.