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Universal Biosensors adapts leading human blood glucose technology for pets with diabetes

Published: 15 November 2023

PETRACKR®, the innovative veterinary blood glucose monitoring system for pets with diabetes, represents a significant leap forward in the integration of human technology for the well-being of animals.

It’s been developed by Universal Biosensors, a global biosensor company and world leader in electrochemical cell technology.

Calibrated specifically for dogs and cats, PETRACKR® is a game-changer in diabetes management for pets. The blood glucose analyser is small, portable, and accurate, delivering fast and reliable results in seconds. It’s Bluetooth enabled to connect with a mobile app to accurately track, download and share the pet’s blood glucose results, insulin doses, meals, and exercise routine.

Adapting human diabetes management for pets

Our collaboration on this project is not the first time we’ve worked in diabetes management However, where we normally work with humans as the patient, this system has been calibrated for dogs and cats.

We’ve been involved in the development of a vast portfolio of diabetes related products and services. Our team has worked on every phase of development, from early concept and feasibility studies to industrial design, user experience (UX) design, engineering development, through to new product integration.

Shore and Universal Biosensors

The design task was to develop a device that could effectively serve the needs of multiple users, with specific emphasis on user-friendly information architecture and an appealing, intuitive user interface (UI).

The UI design incorporated an adaptive information architecture, allowing easy switching between profiles for veterinary professionals, while providing a streamlined interface for pet owners.

To ensure the device is user friendly, we designed visually appealing UI elements, including unique icons for quick task and pet recognition. This visual language not only complemented the device’s physical design but also improved overall usability.

We developed in-context tagging features that allowed users to tag recent events like meals and insulin administrations when performing a blood glucose test.

To guarantee seamless translation of the UI design into a functional product, we produced a comprehensive UI design specification. This document served as a critical guide for the development team, detailing every aspect of the UI, from layout and colour schemes to iconography and interaction flows. This specification was instrumental in bridging the gap between the design and development teams, ensuring that the final product accurately represented the envisioned user experience while also being technically feasible.

Grant Howarth, Interaction Design Consultant at Shore, adds: “Shore has worked on diabetes-related products and services for over a decade, so we were thrilled to apply our expertise to the development of PETRACKR®. The transition of leading glucose monitoring technology to the pet market is an exciting development, and we’re proud to have played a part in it.

PETRACKR® from Universal Biosensors provides an easy and efficient way for owners to monitor their pet’s blood glucose levels and manage their treatment. We’re looking forward to seeing the impact this technology will have.”

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