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person carrying out medical device testing

State-of-the-art optical measurement system added to Shore’s test suite

Published: January 2020

Shore have further enhanced our test and measurement lab with the addition of the latest Vision Engineering Swift Pro 3-axis optical measurement system.

The Swift Pro will enable us to provide detailed and accurate measurements of a wide range of precision parts. The system boasts magnification up to 100x, making it ideal for features that would normally be very difficult to accurately measure in intricate parts, such as those we develop in the mechanisms of medical and drug delivery devices.

Test & Measurement Manager, Scott Salter described the benefits of the system to Shore’s customers: “The Swift Pro significantly enhances Shore’s ability to analyse parts from early development, throughout the manufacturing process, and into full verification testing. The capability to undertake a detailed review of parts in our own dedicated in-house testing facility allows us to quickly identify critical functional details and streamlines our communication with customers and manufacturers. The addition of an optical measurement system greatly improves our ability to investigate the performance of devices and solve engineering challenges quickly and effectively.”

As a fully programmable system, the Swift Pro offers excellent repeatability – an ideal asset during engineering and full verification testing, where volume is important in order to provide a comprehensive study of a device’s performance.

Boasting features such as an HD camera, edge detection and tolerance analysis, the Swift Pro has already become a fixture in the Shore test facility, further enhancing our service and accelerating customer design schedules.

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