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medical demo device with packaging and IFUs

Shore launch a training platform device for injection treatments based on YpsoMate

Published: 23 March 2020

In all walks of life, practice makes perfect. Drug administration is no different.

We are delighted to announce the availability of a new training platform for Ypsomed’s industry-renowned YpsoMate auto-injector device.

With more patients than ever before self-administering thanks to new biologic therapies on the market, effective in-use training has a significant impact on compliance and health outcomes. Our reusable system exactly mimics the appearance, forces, and feel of the YpsoMate 1.0ml and 2.25mL devices, resulting in a trainer which improves adherence, reduces adverse effects, and increases brand value by delivering a real and positive training experience.

Our patented drive and reset system guarantees 500 cycle operations without degradation in performance. Customer flexibility is ensured as specific injection times and fill volumes can be implemented to mimic different drug formulations. The technology can also be incorporated into all YpsoMate housing variations or within different form factors to meet specific customer requirements.

Please contact us via to find out how we can support your autoinjector trainer needs.


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