Reaching new levels with Ypsomed’s 5.5mL autoinjector

Published: 18 November 2022

Medical device manufacturer, Ypsomed, has recently announced its new autoinjector platform for larger volume liquid medications. The YpsoMate 5.5 autoinjector will house volumes between 1.5 and 5.5 mL.

It’s only since 2020 that autoinjectors have gone beyond an injection volume of 1 mL, with Ypsomed’s preceding autoinjector reaching 2.25 mL. To now reach the heights of a 5.5 mL pre-filled syringe is a true breakthrough and a testament to Ypsomed’s dynamic research and development.

Through this provision of self-administration for larger volume medications, it means that there are new opportunities for treating cancer, autoimmune and rare diseases.

The autoinjector has also been developed with a detailed consideration of user-centricity. It is simple to use, ergonomically designed, has integrated needle safety, and provides audible and visual feedback.

Ypsomed and Shore

Shore is proud to have worked on the industrial design for the YpsoMate 5.5.

With the larger 5.5mL syringe having a knock-on effect on the size of the device; we had to ensure that there would be a comfortable grip. We created a narrow section amongst the internal components to create a ‘waisted’ section acting as a natural and comfortable shape to hold. This is essential when delivering larger, higher viscosity doses as they can take significantly longer to inject.

Through extensive prototyping, we made sure that the needle cap would be an intuitive and easy interaction. Designs were tested wearing gloves that simulate the restrictions in movement that conditions such as arthritis cause, and we created a test rig to replicate worse case scenarios of the pull-off force.

Human factor studies have shown that constant feedback during injection reduces anxiety and offers reassurance to a user. Some autoinjectors are designed with a drug window and plunger position as the visual indicator that an injection is in progress, however it is sometimes covered by the hand when in use. With the rotating injection indicator positioned at the top of the YpsoMate 5.5, it means that it is less likely to be covered. It’s also mechanically linked to the syringe drive mechanism, allowing the user to see exactly what is happening during injection.

It’s not only the YpsoMate 5.5 where we’ve worked with Ypsomed. We have a long-standing relationship and have contributed to its portfolio of autoinjectors. This includes YpsoMate On.

Autoinjector, YpsoMate On

YpsoMate On

James McLusky, Director at Shore adds: “Ypsomed’s announcement coincided with the PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices conference, in which the YpsoMate 5.5 was being showcased. It was great to see first-hand that the device was receiving a lot of compliments, many of which regarded the industrial design. We’re extremely proud to work with Ypsomed, not just as a leading device manufacturer but also a great team of people and look forward to seeing more from the YpsoMate range of autoinjectors in the future”.

Read more about the YpsoMate 5.5 here.

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