We have the skills and experience required by leading organisations in the medical industry: Creative and innovative thinking, precision engineering and meticulous project management.

Feasibility Studies

We apply a process that establishes the overall project objectives and confirms the product requirements, creating concepts and prototype tooling for technical assessment and commercial feasibility.

Usability & Human Factors Engineering

The successful interaction between patient and product is crucial if the device is to be used safely and effectively. We work to ISO 62366, applying proven methodologies and detailed analysis to validate every design solution.

Our expert HF team can facilitate formative usability tests or we work with our external partners on summative studies for device validation.

Product Architecture

We investigate how the internal components of a product can best be combined to produce a robust solution that meets all usability, assembly and cost targets.

Our team have particular expertise in packaging electromechanical systems to meet the requirements of ISO 60601.

Industrial Design

We boast an award winning design team, where collaboration is crucial to our success.

Our industrial designers, usability specialists and engineers work with our customers to create design concepts that are innovative, practical and deliver a great user experience.

“Our work at Shore encompasses all key elements of development, from the product and IFU through to out of box experience. It’s inspiring to see the differences our designs can make.”

Scott Martin – Lead Designer


We apply rapid prototyping techniques to meet all project requirements including the development of high fidelity concept models for user research and injection moulded parts required for verification testing.

Digital UI & UX Design

Our UX design team creates engaging and intuitive solutions for product user interfaces and connected device apps. These help users to track adherence and provide HCPs with valuable insights.

Engineering Development

We use the latest tools and techniques to develop robust and reliable solutions. Each product undergoes rigorous engineering assessment and verification to ensure optimal performance and confirm its suitability for manufacturing.

Mechanism Design

Our engineers develop mechanisms for high performance, reliable products, which range from spring drive systems to complex electro-mechanical solutions.

“The clear design of this blood glucose meter is exemplary. Its use can be grasped intuitively, and the measurement results are easy to understand.”

Red Dot Design Award Jury

Engineering Testing

As testing is critical to determine the suitability of materials, components, mechanisms and assemblies, we have invested in our own in-house facility to undertake mechanical, functional and environmental verification tests.


We develop creative, environmentally-friendly and cost effective packaging, which not only keeps the product protected, it adds value and gives users a positive out-of-box experience.

Our packaging engineers have experience in designing to pass ASTM testing and to optimise shipping costs.

Instructional Material

A complete solution is much more than the product and packaging. We develop IFU, videos, usability guides and animations to add value and support the safe and effective use of the device.

Clinical Supply

A key factor that sets us apart from many of our competitors is our ability to supply clients with components and complete devices for clinical trials. This service is managed and delivered through our ISO 13845 certified supply chain.

“The key thing for me that separates Shore from their competition is the quality of their work and the maturity of design. I do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone else within our organisation or out with.”

Technology Development Manager – LifeScan

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