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engineer reviewing creo CAD models of sustainable design

Designing sustainability into pharmaceutical devices

Published: May 2023

Will Davies

Will Davies, Design Consultant

The global healthcare industry has a net carbon emission footprint the equivalent to that of a large country, so there is huge potential for us to make significant improvements…

But it’s a daunting prospect!

In this in-depth and insightful read, Design Consultant Will Davies unpicks and explains the challenges facing the healthcare industry in becoming truly sustainable.

With a focus on pharmaceutical devices, he explores how the route to net zero can only be achieved by transitioning to a “circular economy”. Will looks at the challenges involved for the pharmaceutical industry in adopting this model and evaluates the options and changes required to get there.

Ultimately, good design is the key to positive change – but it goes a lot further. It requires rethinking traditional approaches and embracing new technologies that reduce waste and minimise carbon emissions throughout the entire medical device lifecycle.

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Also featured in ONdrugDelivery.

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