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High fidelity UI prototype represented by a person looking at a user interface on an ipad

UX & UI User Interface (UI) design focuses on optimising the physical and visual elements of a product enabling intuitive interaction between humans and a device. User Experience (UX) design, on the other hand, encompasses the overall experience users have while interacting with a product or service, by understanding their emotions, motivations, and expectations. Our […]

Technology Areas

Technology Areas Many emerging technologies are disrupting the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The pandemic has heavily influenced the acceleration and adoption of digital technologies because of a change in habits and behaviours from users and patients, and the increase of patient self-administration of medication. We are passionate on excelling in new technology areas and […]

Training & Demo Devices

training device app

Training & Demo Devices Training products and demo devices make it easier for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to adopt new therapies and drug delivery devices. As well as designing user-centred drug delivery devices for our customers, we can further support the commercialisation of a new molecule by developing and supplying robust, reusable training products […]

Product Strategy

Product Strategy Operating in a competitive and technology driven industry which is also highly regulated, makes bringing a device to market very challenging. To achieve a competitive advantage and success with your target market, there are many elements to consider in order to position your product for commercial success. Our team can support with all […]


person in warehouse to show clinical support

Industrialisation Industrialisation can be seen as a general term, but for us it explains the design, processes and documentation that must be carried out to get a product ready for manufacture. What sets Shore apart is our multidisciplinary offering; as well as design and engineering, we provide clinical manufacture expertise and full production support. We […]

Prototype & Testing

Prototype components from Selfdose used for verification

Prototype & Testing Prototyping and testing are critical in ensuring the suitability of different materials, components, mechanisms and assemblies. We have invested in our own in-house prototype manufacture and test facility where essential project activities including 3D printing, engineering tests and design verification testing can be undertaken to provide complete confidence that key device features […]

Human Factors

Shore team conducting an internal user study to ensure patient safety is considered in the design process

Human Factors The successful interaction between patient and product is crucial for safe and effective device use. Empowering patients, within both healthcare and home environments, is critical for future drug programs and treatments with patient centricity key to the R&D process. We apply our expertise in usability, human factors, design, and engineering to create innovative […]


exploded view of medical device assembly

Engineering A design needs to undergo rigorous engineering to maximise the product’s functionality and performance. We focus on design for manufacture and combine design and engineering skills to ensure the original concept design intent is preserved in the final engineering output. This approach results in products that not only meet the design intent but also […]


Industrial design sketches of a wearable medical autoinjector

Design Empowering users through design is critical for successful products. At Shore, we’re driven by designing products that positively impact people’s lives: designs that deliver. Our award-winning design team are also passionate about making products that are attractive, inclusive and intuitive. They will take your project from initial strategy, through concept generation and refinement ready […]

Research & Planning

person with post-it notes on wall to demonstrate research & planning

Research & Planning We understand the evolving environment in which medical and pharma companies operate, whether it be emerging technology trends, shifts to patient preferences, or the changing pattern of diseases. Our experts have a breadth of experience in enabling businesses to de-risk decision-making or the product development process, from feasibility studies for new concepts, […]