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User Interface (UI) design focuses on optimising the physical and visual elements of a product enabling intuitive interaction between humans and a device. User Experience (UX) design, on the other hand, encompasses the overall experience users have while interacting with a product or service, by understanding their emotions, motivations, and expectations.

Our integration of UI and UX design ensures that we create meaningful, intuitive interactions with a product, making users’ lives easier and facilitating better outcomes for the end patients.

autoinjector with app to display connectivity

UX Design

Our user experience (UX) designers develop the overall feel of the product, and aim to optimise the product for effective and enjoyable use.

We employ tools such as competitor analysis or heuristic analysis of existing products, or ideally observe users interacting with the product in their problem domain. This allows us to clearly define and prioritise the problems that needs to be solved through interaction and user interface design.
an example of a user journey map showing the patient journey for administration of a catheter

Journey Mapping

Through engaging with ethnographic research, or stakeholder interviews, we are able to put ourselves in the users’ shoes. Our team will create a customer journey map to visualise the touchpoints that a user will interact with on your product.
a tablet displays the wireframe mockup screen forming part of a wireframe flow displayed on a larger screen

User Flows & Wireframing

To inform the UX design process, we create user flows to visually represent the routes that users might take through a device or app to complete tasks and achieve their goal. The iterative use of wireframes allow the key screen states, desired functionality and UI logic to be identified.

an example of a refined mobile app user interface alongside the development wireframes that led to the design

UI Design

UI design is a critical determinant of patient safety, efficient workflows, and user satisfaction in medical devices. A thoughtfully crafted UI ensures intuitive navigation, reduces the risk of errors and enhances overall usability.

Through a thorough understanding of the intended users’ needs, accessibility requirements and your brand identity, our UI experts develop designs that empower healthcare professionals and patients alike.
A blood glucose meter displaying its user interface next to a user interface spefication

UI Specification

We capture all the requirements for the user interface and create a detailed UI Specification, which is used to drive all subsequent development and ensure the design intent is fully realised and measurable.

Our UI experts then work closely with software development teams to ensure accurate implementation of the user interface.
a person shakes a bluetooth connected training device following instructions on an iPad

App Development

With the growth of the connected health market and increase in demand for connected devices, app development is a key component of the delivery of successful medical device healthcare experiences. We can support with the design and creation of iOS and Android apps that create a seamless experience with your connected medical device.

View our user experience and user interface capabilities in action: