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Training & Demo Devices

Training products and demo devices make it easier for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to adopt new therapies and drug delivery devices.

As well as designing user-centred drug delivery devices for our customers, we can further support the commercialisation of a new molecule by developing and supplying robust, reusable training products and learning assets.

Training helps to reinforce a positive brand perception among HCPs and patients that the company is client-focused and values their trust and loyalty.
Autoinjectors, nasal trainers and needle safety training devices


Training products and demo devices play an important role in improving patient confidence, as well as maintaining drug regimen and efficacy, fostering a better understanding of the treatment and minimising potential user errors.

These reusable devices can replicate the appearance, feel and actuation force profiles experienced when administering a real drug product. We can produce apps and software which will further support the training process, to educate and instil confidence into the user.
person conducting medical testing equipment

Device Characterisation

We believe the key to producing the perfect training solution is to work closely with customers and device manufacturers to qualify the functional and performance needs of the product.

Through detailed laboratory analysis and testing we ensure that every trainer is perfectly matched to the parent device in all its key attributes.

human factors study taking place with people being observed from a room

Training Device Development

We know that patients respond more positively to treatment when they are less anxious and feel confident using a product they trust and understand.

Through ISO 13485 processes we deliver our clients a complete training solution through training products that mimic a parent device in feel, form, and function.
stacked boxes of medical device to show clinical manufacture and supply

Training Product Supply

We can supply training products for autoinjectors, nasal delivery and needle safety devices. Typical minimum orders range from twenty thousand units, through to volumes that exceed millions per year.

View our medical product training and demonstrator device capabilities in action: