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Technology Areas

Many emerging technologies are disrupting the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The pandemic has heavily influenced the acceleration and adoption of digital technologies because of a change in habits and behaviours from users and patients, and the increase of patient self-administration of medication.

We are passionate on excelling in new technology areas and believe collaboration is key to navigating trends and remaining at the forefront of user and patient trends.
detailed image of Medical product design of Ypsomed smart insulin pen in hand

Drug Delivery

Patient self-administration of medication at home is increasingly in demand and becoming more diverse. 

Empowering patients in this way means flexible usability of a drug delivery device, within both healthcare and home environments, is critical for future drug programs and treatments, with patient centricity key to the R&D process.

We will work with you to develop patient-centric combination products that advance the administration of pharmaceutical compounds.

point of care diagnostics device


Diagnostic technologies are amongst the fastest growing areas in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The shift is driven by ground-breaking new therapies, advances in technology and increase of access to data for patients.

We are using and exploring emerging technologies to adapt to the transformation in diagnostic devices, including, wearables, IoT and AI.

LifeScan blood glucose meter showing test result


Growing considerable popularity is the area of therapeutics, and more specifically digital therapeutics. Combining digital therapeutics with a drug can improve the drug’s efficacy, improving patient outcomes.

We have a track record of successfully developing combined device and digital guidance, enhancing the therapy and improving the patient experience.
QSpine Spinal Implant shown with surgical tools

Surgical Devices

We focus on performance and safety, complemented by our knowledge of advanced engineering materials and dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to produce ground-breaking surgical devices.
autoinjector with app to display connectivity

Connected Health

We develop technologies and design connected devices that empower patients, promote wellness, and deliver exceptional health outcomes.

Our team have extensive experience in electromechanical design and packaging components into compact design solution, to deliver industry leading connected health products.
person wearing an insulin patch pump system


There is undoubtedly a rise in the use of wearable medical devices and the ‘consumerisation’ of health for patients through increased access to data.

We are experienced in working on wearable monitoring devices from patch injectors to blood pressure monitors. We can support wearables with app development and gamification techniques to improve user confidence and experience.

View our medical product design capabilities in action: