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Prototype & Testing

Prototyping and testing are critical in ensuring the suitability of different materials, components, mechanisms and assemblies.

We have invested in our own in-house prototype manufacture and test facility where essential project activities including 3D printing, engineering tests and design verification testing can be undertaken to provide complete confidence that key device features and behaviours are being accurately captured, analysed, and reported.

Each product undergoes rigorous engineering assessment and verification to ensure optimal performance.

drug delivery device and prototype alongside

Concept Models

We utilise a wide range of techniques and methods to produce everything from lo-fi block form models to detailed, representative appearance models in order to evaluate concepts from a variety of perspectives.
a design engineer in testing suite

Engineering Testing

As engineering design progresses, we use a wide range of prototyping methods – many in-house – to develop and validate all the critical details and mechanisms that are essential to a successful product, and to ensure that all design and functional requirements are met.

Test, test, test. Refine, refine, refine. Our in-house testing is an integral part of our end-to-end development service and is critical to validating our designs and supporting the needs of our customers.

Manufacturing plant to show where prototpye injection moulding takes place

Prototype Injection Moulding

Our approved supply chain includes prototype injection moulding. As well as cost and time benefits, this allows for very accurate prototyping with production materials, which reduces risk and speeds up the development process.
an engineer carrying out device testing

Verification Prototypes

Highly detailed, production-representative prototypes facilitate full design verification testing prior to design release.
Person sat in testing lab carrying out testing on medical devices and making notes

Test Protocols & Fixtures

Our test facility includes highly accurate force analysis technology, environmental chambers, optical and video measurement as well as a range of smaller precision-calibrated instruments.
testing equipment

Verification & Validation (V&V) Lab Testing

Our team can extensively demonstrate, using quantifiable and evidence-based test methods, that a design output meets the design input specifications.

View our medical product prototyping and testing capabilities in action: