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Product Strategy

Operating in a competitive and technology driven industry which is also highly regulated, makes bringing a device to market very challenging.

To achieve a competitive advantage and success with your target market, there are many elements to consider in order to position your product for commercial success.

Our team can support with all aspects of these elements, from customisation, to sustainability, to product lifecycle and IP strategy.
A comparison of two nasal drug delivery devices with different form factors demonstrating the potential for platform customisation.

Platform Customisation

A common request is to take an existing platform device and improve or customise elements of it to suit a particular need, such as product differentiation or improved usability.

As your design partner, we will work with you to find the optimised solution, producing a new design solution without any impact to the platform device function or requirements.
a designer sat at a desk carrying out sustainable packaging design

Sustainable Design

Device manufacturers are exploring new sustainable methods to support their CSR objectives, and to meet increasing pressure from customers and legislation.

Our design process encourages the specification of recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing methods, alongside detailed assessment of product lifecycle to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Our efforts have been acknowledged through our EcoVadis sustainability rating, along with being a certified Carbon Neutral company.

diagram of circular design on laptop screen

Circular Design

It is rapidly becoming established that a circular economy is the key to truly sustainable design, even within the stringent demands of the medical and pharma sectors.

We strive to develop products that can readily be returned, remanufactured or recycled, through careful material selection and consideration of both assembly and disassembly processes.

Remaining at the forefront of new materials and processes is key to creating sustainable devices.
autoinjector in hand to show platform customization

Reusable Devices

While always considering the critical demands of safety, sterility and general perception, we have already demonstrated multiple successes with reusable device design, whether that be single or multiple patient reuse. Where applicable, this approach can make a significant contribution to sustainability.
a designer sat at a desk carrying out sustainable packaging design

Product Lifecycle Strategy

We can support with the many changes that your product will face throughout the phases of the product lifecycle, from initial concept to commercialisation, to obsolescence.

Our understanding of regulatory requirements early in the product lifecycle can ensure you gain the competitive advantage to bring your device to market.

IP Strategy

We can help you navigate the various intellectual property considerations that are faced when seeking and protecting ideas. With our experience in commercialisation and 20 years expertise in product development, we can help you to de-risk with a clear IP strategy.

View our medical product strategy and sustainability capabilities in action: