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A design needs to undergo rigorous engineering to maximise the product’s functionality and performance. We focus on design for manufacture and combine design and engineering skills to ensure the original concept design intent is preserved in the final engineering output.

This approach results in products that not only meet the design intent but also exceed performance expectations and are manufactured with minimal waste or errors.

Mechanical Engineering

Our highly experienced engineers use the latest tools and techniques to develop robust and reliable solutions. Every product undergoes detailed engineering assessment and verification to ensure optimal performance and suitability for manufacture.
Shore engineers and designers evaluating a injection mold flow simulation

Simulation & Analysis

Using simulation solutions in the development process saves costs, optimises performance, reduces testing and trials, and speeds up the regulatory approval process.

We utilise simulation at all stages of the design cycle to create digital evidence of product performance. It allows us to analyse and prevent any design-related failures at the earliest point.
section view of complex mechanism design for medical autoinjector device

Mechanism Design

Our engineers develop mechanisms for high performance, reliable products, which range from spring drive systems to complex electro-mechanical solutions.
design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacture

Essential for taking a design through to mass-production is the Design for Manufacture process, including Design for Assembly. Our multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers are integrated from the earliest stage to de-risk the process, keep costs low, and select the optimal materials and components so that a device is ready for manufacture in the most efficient way.
UI specification with circuit board

Electronics Hardware

Electronic components are crucial in many products, especially with the emergence of technologies such as wearables, connected devices and sensors.

Our experts have extensive experience in electro-mechanical design and packaging components into compact design solutions. To ensure that the components will be compliant, our engineers work to the IEC 60601 standard.
a design engineer working on firmware for an electronic device

Software & Firmware

The integration of well-considered and robust firmware and software into medical and diagnostic devices is an increasing imperative to drive functionality, keep up with evolving technology trends, and meet user expectations.

We can work with you to remain at the forefront of developments; our expertise includes app development, embedded systems, sensors and algorithm development.

View our medical product engineering capabilities in action: