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Empowering users through design is critical for successful products. At Shore, we're driven by designing products that positively impact people’s lives: designs that deliver.

Our award-winning design team are also passionate about making products that are attractive, inclusive and intuitive. They will take your project from initial strategy, through concept generation and refinement ready for engineering development.

sketches of self dose drug delivery device with product to show design transfer

Industrial Design

Our industrial designers and engineers work with our customers to create design concepts that are desirable, innovative, practical and deliver a great user experience.
exploded image of blood pressure monitor to show internal components

Product Architecture

It’s essential to investigate and identify the optimal configuration of all the main components in a product to produce a design solution that meets all usability, assembly, and cost targets.

Our team also have specific expertise in packaging electromechanical systems to meet the requirements of IEC 60601.
YpsoMed large volume wearable patch injector

Device UI

The core of any human-centred product design is the user interface (UI) design. A successful solution will minimise the effort that the user must invest interacting with a product and help users accomplish their goals with ease and without error.

We use methods to learn about a product’s audience and ensure that the visual language and key elements of the product UI is well-tailored to them. We ensure that the UI is intuitive, clear and aesthetically pleasing so as to maximise usability, engagement and delight.
person holding nasal drug delivery device with instructions for use alongside

Instructions for Use (IFU)

A complete solution is much more than the product and packaging. We design & develop IFU, videos, usability guides and animations to add value and support the safe and effective use of a device.
Open boxes of packaging for medical design. One of the boxes shows an Instructions for Use placed on top. The other shows insulin patch pumps inside.

Packaging Design

There are many challenges to overcome when balancing the need for adequate protection, providing an engaging user experience whilst being as environmentally friendly as possible.

We consider packaging design from the earliest stage, from structural design to the unboxing process, all while considering cost, safety, sterility, and sustainability. Our packaging engineers have experience in designing to pass ASTM testing and to optimise shipping costs.
graphic designer creating illustrated medical device instructions for use

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers ensure that information and branding on a product and support material is conveyed clearly to a user. We work closely with our clients to produce well-constructed printed and digital designs, to ensure that they are of high clarity, great aesthetic value, and instil user confidence.

View our medical product design capabilities in action: