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20 years of designing world-class medical devices

To mark our 20th birthday, we asked the team to spotlight 20 products from 2003 – 2023.

With over 500 projects, ranging from drug delivery, to diagnostics, to surgical devices, it wasn’t an easy task. 

Thank you to our customers for their valued partnerships over the years.

We hope you enjoy looking through the products, as much as we enjoyed reminiscing. 

Project title: Easy to use Glucose Meter

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Select Simple


Summary: We were approached by our long-standing customer LifeScan to develop a glucose meter aimed specifically at the BRIC Tier 2 market segment – a very specific challenge in terms of both the user groups and the associated cultural restrictions.

Launched in 2011, this button-free device set the standard, inspiring subsequent products in the field. It went on to win a Red Dot Design award in 2013.

Project title: Patient-Controlled Drug Delivery

Client: Janssen

Product name: One-Press


Summary: We’ve enjoyed a successful 15-year partnership with Janssen, which includes developing their innovative patient-controlled platform device. Overcoming complexities like patient anxiety and needle phobia, this intuitive subcutaneous injector empowers patients to self-administer biologic drugs confidently. Suitable for diverse viscosities, it aids those with impaired eyesight or limited dexterity due to conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis. We managed the project from research to full production.

Project title: Dynamic Spinal Stabilisation

Client: QSpine

Product name: SMS Implant


Summary: QSpine partnered with us to create an innovative spinal implant for the UK and EU. This device alleviates low-back pain from intervertebral segment instability, promoting disc and facet joint healing while curbing adjacent segment degeneration. Our expertise in materials and finite elements led to a groundbreaking, low-part, high-performance implant, ensuring safe and easy SMS device implantation.

Project title: Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Client: Qardio

Product name: QardioArm


Summary: Our expertise in industrial design and engineering brought QardioArm, a sleek Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, to life. Balancing medical accuracy with style, it offers discreet, user-friendly chronic condition monitoring. Its compact, non-medical appearance pairs with an app for real-time data visualisation, setting a new healthcare standard. QardioArm is a Red Dot Award winner. The jury were impressed with its compact form that is designed to look like an everyday object.

Project title: Point of Care Diagnostic Platform

Client: LumiraDx

Product name: Point of Care Diagnostic Instrument


Summary: Our brief was to help transform blood diagnostic technology into a mass-manufacturable and certified medical device.

We were responsible for delivering the mechanical design and overall product architecture. Our pivotal task involved crafting the test strip, crucial for precise biomarker detection in blood. Integrating intricate technology like microfluidics and spectrometry posed challenges, solved through design, in-house prototyping, and rigorous testing.

Project title: Connected Add-on for Autoinjector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: SmartPilot for YpsoMate


Summary: SmartPilot™ enhances YpsoMate® by enabling robust adherence monitoring, converting the autoinjector into a connected smart system. Collaboration with Ypsomed’s engineers was vital, ensuring the design’s efficiency, sleek form factor, and user-friendly interface. This innovation delivers crucial therapy data to patients, physicians, and healthcare stakeholders seamlessly.

Project title: Blood Glucose Meter with Smart Mentor

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Verio Reflect®


Summary: Once again, LifeScan entrusted us to create their next-generation blood glucose meter. We wanted to generate the feeling of encouragement and guidance whilst providing users with actionable insights relating to their blood glucose levels. The product needed to embody their refreshed brand through an innovative user experience.

It has quickly become LifeScan’s flagship product and has gone on to receive praise from the European Association for The Study of Diabetes.

Project title: Single Stage Suture Anchor

Client: B1 Medical

Product name: Single Stage Suture Anchor


Summary: Designed to transform the way soft tissue is attached to bone, this system eliminates the need for drilling and streamlines the process into a single-stage insertion, setting a new standard in efficiency and performance. Results included a simple and low-cost solution, and a pull-out resistance equivalent or better than the traditional 2-stage insertion.

Project title: Drug Preparation Trainer

Client: Janssen

Product name: Resuspension Trainer (Gen2)


Summary: We developed a connected training app and device for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to achieve an optimal syringe shake, vital as suspended pharmaceuticals may separate during storage or transit, requiring even distribution for efficacy.

Janssen required a 6-monthly injection trainer which had a larger dose, so they wanted to enhance HCP training further. We connected the trainer device to an app to offer consistent feedback and coaching, making the training educational and memorable.

Project title: Wearable Wireless Continuous ECG

Client: Qardio

Product name: QardioCore


Summary: QardioCore, the pioneering wireless ECG, fuses stunning design, advanced technology, and solid engineering. Our team worked closely with Qardio to align user and technical requirements and enable product delivery on time and within budget.

Our expertise shaped this groundbreaking biometric device, combining industrial design with engineering for a sleek, durable, and user-friendly product. QardioCore has won two CES Innovation Awards and a Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Project title: Blood Glucose Meter

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Verio Pro+


Summary: Continuing the development of LifeScan’s OneTouch® portfolio, the aim of this project was to develop a meter for use in hospitals in Japan. Our team worked on every phase of development, from early concept through to new product integration.

Project title: Large Volume Patch Injector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: YpsoDose


Summary: The YpsoDose single-use injector, an electromechanical device for 10ml cartridges, automates needle insertion, injection, and safety steps. Redesigned for size, usability, and branding enhancement without compromising function, it’s a state-of-the-art wearable injector, lauded for intuitive design and function, offering increased label space and optimal aesthetics.

Project title: Multi-Dose Nasal Delivery

Client: Janssen

Product name: Spravato Nasal Spray


Summary: Janssen selected an Aptar technology as the preferred drug delivery device for a product used to treat severe depression. We customised the nasal device to meet the user group’s needs and Janssen’s commercial launch objectives. We enhanced usability without compromising core technology functionality and developed Instructions for Use and secondary packaging.

Project title: Insulin Patch Pump System

Client: PharmaSens

Product name: niia essential


Summary: PharmaSens, a start-up with a small core team, sought a design partner to elevate usability of the Insulin Patch Pump System, niia essential. Initially for mechanical support, our collaboration streamlined manual processes and improved user confidence. Rapid success led to us expanding our involvement to support the entire niia essential ecosystem.

Project title: Bowel Health Testing Kit

Client: Mode Diagnostics

Product name: Measure


Summary: Teaming up with Mode Diagnostics, we created a sensitive stool blood detection device. We prioritised user comfort by enhancing device quality, attractive packaging, and clear instructions, aiming to ease the intimidating aspect of home testing.

Project title: Pre-Filled Syringe Injection Aid

Client: Janssen

Product name: Self-Injection Aid


Summary: Janssen tasked us with creating a new assistive device and needle shield puller. Leveraging our flexibility and deep knowledge of the UltraSafe X100L Device, we met this challenge. The product, tailored for rheumatoid arthritis patients in Japan, enhances injection precision and user experience, meeting strict quality standards in just nine months.

Project title: Large Volume Wearable Injector

Client: West Pharmaceutical Services

Product name: SmartDose


Summary: This project required our specialist expertise in engineering, mechanism design, test-fixture, and protocols. Working in collaboration with West Pharmaceutical Services and the product manufacturer, we fulfilled the role of independent Technical Assessor to identify, analyse and implement changes to a production issue relating to the needle and vial interface.

We proposed a range of solutions, each included a detailed tolerance and FMEA analysis and comprehensive test reports.

Project title: Large Volume Autoinjector

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: YpsoMate 5.5


Summary: Our successful collaboration with Ypsomed is based on merging our design skill with their engineering development for the award-winning YpsoMate device range. To handle large volume, high viscosity liquid medications up to 5.5 mL, our industrial design experts optimised size and form to ensure usability for successful drug delivery.

Project title: Easy to Use Glucose Meter

Client: LifeScan

Product name: OneTouch Verio Vue


Summary: Continuing the development of LifeScan’s OneTouch® portfolio, the aim of this project was adding Bluetooth functionality to the glucose meter and an updated user experience specification. It included a new graphical user interface (GUI) layout and relationship to buttons and functional menu structure.

Project title: Re-usable Smart Insulin Pen

Client: Ypsomed

Product name: SmartPilot for UnoPen


Summary: In this flexible addition to the SmartPilot family, we transformed the successful dial-and-dose UnoPen into an intuitive, fully connected system. Critical design challenges were to integrate the core technology whilst improving the overall injection experience.

A 2021 Red Dot winner for high design quality, SmartPilot delivers enhanced safety and adherence, enabling positive user feedback and advanced therapy guidance.